Air Charter to get you to your Unique Surfing or Beach Holiday

Ever considered chartering an aircraft to make your holiday experience just perfect? When flying on a commercial airline, you endure long travel times to the airport, suffer long lines, crowded waiting areas and regular delays and flight cancellations. With an aircraft charter, you save time by flying when it suits you direct to your destination.

Jet charters also have a much larger choice of airports, so it's likely than you can get closer to your destination. By chartering, you are not restricted to the airports that the commercial airlines use. You don't have to lose hours making connecting flights through the airlines hub and spoke system. You fly directly to where you want to go, only with the people you want to be with, on a plane that suits your requirements and you fly at a time that suits you; not the commercial airlines schedules.

If you are deciding to travel in style it is a great idea to trek everest with your friends. Private expeditions are a great experience and the mountain treks are among the best in the world, both as enjoyment and beauty. Book your holiday today.

An alternative to flying is going on a cruise to reach your holiday destination. The cruise also acts as part of the holiday where you can relax and enjoy the facilities provided.

Add value to your holiday

Whatever time of year it is in your destination, there are always more passages to plan, remote anchorages to enjoy and new people to meet in different waters around the world.

You decide who travels with you. You don't fly on an airplane with 300 complete strangers. Furthermore chartering a jet is cost effective. Time is money after all. How much is YOUR time worth?

Imagine flying point-to-point from your home airport to the airport closest to your destination. Imagine being able to fly on your schedule without line-ups and check-ins. Fly with an air charter service and you can look forward to speed and convenience at an affordable price. Our mission here at the Unique Surfing and Beach Holidays website is to help you get to any destination of your choice in style, and without the usual hassles of traditional travel.

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, a family, or a group, with our experienced large team of knowledgeable travel experts, we have carefully selected a range of quality of surfing holiday experiences to suit all. In addition to this, we also specialise in completely tailor-made luxury holiday experiences for all budgets, built around your holiday requirements.